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Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records
Whole Pie Prices: 
 *fruit or cream  pies  *Savory or nut pies   Cutie Pie *7 - *$8
      Small pie  *$15 *$17                                     Medium pie   *$21 *$23                     Large pie  *25 *27
*We WILL bake vegan & gluten free.
  $3 extra for medium & large pies. 
 $2  for small or $1  cutie pies.

Apple, Blueberry, Cherry,
Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb and everything else. If it's a fruit pie you want, we can make it for you.
Coconut Cream, French Silk, Banana Cream pie. Lemon Meringue, Chess pie & Custards too. Sweet and creamy is very dreamy.
Quiches, Shepherd's pies, & Pot pies. We love to be creative with all our savory pies, let's create something special for you!
 Traditional pecan, Caramel Apple Nut, English walnut pie or our house specialty the Buzzsaw Bourbon. We would love to bake your requests.
All requested pie orders need to be place 24 hours in advance. 
815•298•7009  Order today, pick up tomorrow. 
Give the gift of pie.