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Featured pies:

​Fruit Pies:
Caramel Apple Nut
Classic Apple
Harvest Apple
Pumpkin Pecan
Classic Pumpkin
Buzzsaw Bourbon
Classic Pecan
Blackberry Cathulu
& other Halloween
Themed pies!

The National Celebration of  Pie Days

Jan 23 National Pie Day  
Feb 20 Cherry Pie Day 
Mar 2 Banana Cream Pie Day 
Mar 14 Pi Day-  
Apr 28 Blueberry Pie Day 
May 8 Coconut Cream Pie Day
May 13 Apple Pie Day 
Jun 9 Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day
Jul 12 Pecan Pie Day
Aug 1 Raspberry Cream Pie Day
Aug 15 Lemon Meringue Pie Day 
Aug 18 Ice Cream Pie Day 
Aug 20 Chocolate Pecan Pie Day 
Aug 24 Peach Pie Day 
Sept 28 Strawberry Cream Pie Day
Oct 12 Pumpkin Pie Day
Oct 23 Boston Cream Pie Day-
Nov 27 Bavarian Cream Pie Day 
Dec 1 National Pie Day
Dec 25 Pumpkin Pie Day

Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records
Savory Pies:
ChickenPot Pie
Turkey Pot Pie
Harvest Quiche
Beef Shepherd Pie

Cream Pies:
Dark Chocolate Stout
The Elvis
Boston Cream Pie
& other Halloween themed cream pies!