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April Featured Pies: 
Pie Club members choose from this list

April 27th
Painting & Pie Night with Smartypants art studio instructor Laura Gromel. Featured subject is FLEETWOOD MAC. Its is also National Prime Rib day so our featured pie  will be Irish Prime Rib Pot Pie. 

Every month we showcase between 15 - 20 different seasonal pies from our master pie list. ONLINE SPECIAL, order from the monthly featured pie list and get $2 off the regular price!  These are available to be ordered at your connivence as late as 3AM the "night" before pick up. Arrange the day and time between 10:30am - 5pm the following day or sometime during the week.  For special requests, or vegan pies, PLEASE, call our shop during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist.

Fruit & Nut Pies:
Peach Crumble 
Razzleberry (raspberry & blackberries)
Apple Raspberry Rhubarb
Strawberry Rhubarb
Fresh Strawberry 
Classic Rhubarb
Apple Macaroon
Cream Pies:
Black Licorice Ricotta Pie 
Chocolate Pecan Chess
Lemon Meringue
Coconut Custard
Coconut Cream
Banana Cream
Almond Joy
Key Lime
Savory Pies:
Irish Prime Rib Pot Pie -April 27th National Prime Rib Day 
Rosemary Asparagus Quiche
Sweet Sausage & Kale savory pie
May 20th: Pie Class 3-5 pm Learn to make dough. and bake pie with the pie lady!  Your pie will be boxed and ready to take home after class. We will also add some pages from our up and coming new cookbook. 

Limited class size for intimate one-on-one baking. 
Class #3: May 20th 3-5pm $60 per student
(adult class-BYOB welcome)
Featured Pies for May
Fruit & or Nut Pies:
Strawberry Rhubarb*
Lemon Strawberry*
Fresh Strawberry-May 20th National Pick Strawberries Day 
Classic Rhubarb*
Candied Orange Pie-May 4th National Candied Orange Peel Day
Apple Macaroon- May 31st National Macaroon Day
Nutty Razz-Apple (almonds, raspberries, & apples)*
Buzzsaw Bourbon -May 15th National Chocolate Chip Day *
Cream Pies:
Lemon Meringue
Coconut Cream*
Banana Cream*
Orange Buttermilk
Key Lime*
Black Velvet-May 22nd World Goth Day
Savory Pies:
Torilla Pie-May 5th Cinco De Mayo
Herb & Blue Cheese Quiche
​Vegan Quiche- made with tofu and your choice of veggies
*Vegan option is available
Millennium Falcon Pasties-May the 4th Star Wars Day
  Vegan & Meat pasties