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Kate's Pie Shop Pie Club
Pie of the Month Club.
Give the gift of pie any time of the year.
The Pie of the Month club  offers you a freshly baked pie,
once a month, baked  fresh to order.
EXTRA BONUS... full year gets a baker's dozen (13 pies!)
 1/2 year (6 pies)  or 3 months (3 pies).
Pies come in three sizes.....
Small- Medium- or - large.
The recipient chooses the pie from our monthly list, 
posted on the website link...
"Specials & Events"
We update the link monthly. We feature seasonal, classic, 
and unique pies from sweet to savory. 
 Our list will have  12 to 15 different pies to choose from!
EXTRA savings for members of the pie Club: Savory or nut pies round off at the same price as our sweet pies (a savings of $2-$6 per pie)

You choose the pie, call us the day before to place the order.
Order today.  Pick up tomorrow.
 We bake it fresh the day you pick up.
Domestic shipping is available at additional cost. Please call 815•298•7009 for more information.
large pie 
10 1/2"  LP pie serves 8 larger slices
​Full year membership    13 pies $312
1/2 year membership      6 pies- $150
3 month membership      3 pies-$75
Small  pie 
7" Single  pie-serves 4 slices
​Full year membership    13 pies $180
1/2 year membership
6 pies- $90
3 month membership
3 pies-$45

Medium pie
9 1/2"" standard  pie-serves 8 slices
​Full year membership      13 pies $260
1/2 year membership        6 pies- $130
3 month membership        3 pies-$65